• Gush, Bubbles, and Splash
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  • On stage with Puppet Up!
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  • Puppeteering professionally since 1973.
  • Lead puppeteer and puppetry technique instructor for The Jim Henson Company.
  • Over 200 primetime series episodes as a lead character.
  • Performed lead characters in many feature films.

Current and recent work

The Jungle Book

On home video August 2016

Puppet Up — Uncensored!

Live puppet improv show touring internationally since 2006.

The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl

Live on stage—the summer fireworks finale!


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Lead puppeteer; performance coordinator
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Role of Fred Bedderhead
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Roles of Ferdinand the Duck, Duchess the Cat, Old Ewe
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Mr. Tinkles team, Calico
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Worm Guys team, other characters
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Worm Guys team, other characters
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Juicer, other characters
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Who is Tarman?
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Lab rats
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Jack Frost team
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Lead puppeteer: The Macabre World of Lavender Williams. Watch the short film


Word Party

On Netflix from the Jim Henson Company

Adam Ruins Everything

Find out more about this show.

No, You Shut Up!

On the Fusion network

Good Morning Today

On the Fusion network

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Allan was Fran’s puppeteer for all 65 episodes. Watch some clips.
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Crow, other characters.
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Snowman, others
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Director, performer
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Various characters
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“Unhappily Ever After”
Allan was Mr. Floppy’s puppeteer for all 100 episodes. Watch a clip.
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Various characters
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Various characters
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Various characters
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Muppets on Wheels
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Neil’s Puppet Dreams

YouTube series on the Nerdist Channel

Ketchup with the Hot Dogs

YouTube series on the Nerdist Channel

Lost Untangled

Promotional YouTube series for the ABC series

Serenading Unicorn

Promotional YouTube series for Juicy Fruit

Alt Reality

Series from Henson Alternative


YouTube series on the Nerdist Channel


Hershey S’mores

Nationwide Insurance

Hand Shadows

Pizza Hut

…with the Muppets


“Uncle Teddy”

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