Allan Trautman


Allan teaches in the Theatre Department at College of the Canyons. His online course has been accepted into the statewide Course Exchange.
Training actors to be puppeteers...
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Allan has trained actors with no previous puppetry experience to perform in the cast of Avenue Q, and can train any actor who would like to branch out into on-camera puppetry. He also holds master classes from time to time for puppeteers of all skill levels to improve their performance skills.
Training improvisors to be puppeteers...
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Allan is a puppetry technique instructor at the Jim Henson Company for improvisors learning the art of puppetry in training for Henson Alternative's Puppet Up! - Uncensored. He has developed a unique set of exercises in an approach that melds character performance and technique.
Training students to be improvisors and actors...
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Allan has been an adjunct instructor in the Theatre Department at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California, since the Fall of 2007. His main duty has been teaching Improvisation, but he also teaches Understanding Theatre, Scene Study, and Acting Fundamentals. He has been an active participant in curriculum development, implementation, and review, developing SLO language, assessments, and rubrics. He also serves on the department's play selection committee.
Helping kids to explore their creativity…
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Allan's work in Virginia with junior and senior high arts students was an extremely successful endeavor as part of a weeks-long summer arts intensive. He holds a California teaching credential in Drama/Theatre.

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